Data roles and responsibilities

The roles that are formalized in a "Data job description" vary according to the context. Nevertheless, several Data activities are carried out simultaneously by the teams: governance, protection/security, quality, metadata, architecture, collection, storage, processing, analysis, valuation... What are the outlines of these new jobs ? Discover in our video an overview of Data roles !


Data governance best practices

Data governance is indispensable in a context of increasing digitalization of business activities. Nevertheless, its nature, combined with the breadth of the subjects to be dealt with, makes it particularly difficult to grasp. What are the lessons learned from past experiences? What can be retained as best practices? --- Shelemat DANIEL, Décembre 2020


Data Governance in the light of AI

Take advantage of the significant technological progress in AI while remaining within an ethical framework and limiting risks. Whilst there is a consensus on this vision, the role of data governance is still unchartered. Is there a benefit to addressing data governance in the context of AI? --- Shelemat DANIEL, Septembre 2020


What is Data Enablement?

While Data Management and Data Governance are still relatively recent practices for many companies, what value brings Data Enablement ? Is this yet another buzzword that will quickly fall into oblivion or is it a development that makes sense, a groundswell? --- Shelemat DANIEL, Août 2020


The people side of Data

The fact that data is a corporate asset seems to be widely accepted. Despite the growing consensus, the effective transformation of practices is far from being trivial. To succeed, companies need to take action on at least three dimensions: technology, people and processes. --- Shelemat DANIEL, Octobre 2020


Our Data glossary Management

This glossary aims to contribute to the clarification of key notions and concepts commonly used in Data Management. It is based on common and documented sources designed to harmonize Data Management knowledge and practices. You are convinced of the standardization need in the field and would like to contribute ? Please, send us a note !