What we do : Helping you shape your data and AI culture

Our motto : enable people to leverage data and AI in a responsible way

Our speciality : Data and AI Governance

Our strength : 15 years of experience and a passionate team in Data

Data strategy execution

Achieving team alignment and cohesion, promoting a collaborative and open mindset, identifying and prioritizing Data transformation projects are some of the challenges that we focus on. Through internal seminars such as "Data days", user-friendly events that encourage open dialogs "Data Café" and communication campaigns, our experts help you to promote Data Culture within your teams.


Our training programs are designed to meet the various needs of the different stakeholders involved in data and data products throughout the company. From executives to business leaders and Data Management professionals, our trainings are tailored to help each group acquire, consolidate or deepen the knowledge and know-how that are essential to the success of the digital transformation.

Coaching and mentoring

Through one-to-one, group and remote coaching sessions, our experts help your teams develop desired Data Management know-hows. Development objectives are defined at the beginning of the program. The achievement of the objectives are evaluated on the basis of regular monitoring and adjustments are made as they are found necessary.

Maturity assessment

On the basis of recognized frameworks, our team helps organizations measure the level of maturity of existing data management capabilities. The health and effectiveness of their existing practices are characterized using standardized levels of maturity ranging from ‘0-Absence of capability’ or ‘1-Ad Hoc’ to ‘5-Optimized’. Based on the findings and in alignment with their data strategy, organisations can depict what progress looks like, define a roadmap to fill the gaps and drive the implementation of missing capabilities.

Value analysis and prioritization

Through targeted workshops and on the basis of industry frameworks, our team supports our clients in the implementation of an approach, that is aligned with the company's strategy and that aims at improving existing Data Management capabilities. Through a series of workshops and interviews, our experts carry out a value analysis based on the following dimensions: financial impact (market share, risks), customer impact (knowledge and customer relationship, ...), internal impact (efficiency, satisfaction, ...), transformation impact (knowledge, innovation). As an outcome of the analysis, areas with "low hanging fruit" and high value are identified and actions are prioritized accordingly.

Governance operating model and implementation

Through targeted workshops and on the basis of industry frameworks, our experts help our customers design and implement data and AI governance capabilities and enablers. The focus areas include people (responsibilities, organizational changes, skills and culture), policies, processes and technology. In addition, indicators that help assess the current state of the organisation and monitor the progress at a regular cadence are defined and implemented as part of the operating model.